Monday, July 12, 2010

Advertising is losing confidence!

Jason Jiang and other media have begun to build the living area so that we become unable to breathe, the advertising industry's rapid growth defects are gradually revealed, to prevent the disco of the city is desperately needed.

Bus, apartment elevators, restaurants, and restaurants can be placed almost toilet dynamic and static screen display space has started intrusive advertising, is accelerating the process of commercialization of our growing impetuous attitude. In the early advertisement where we start doing it with freshness, a long time, we started as far as possible away from it. Why would someone spend money to install something so annoying? Why do these businesses will spend money on their products will only make people hate advertising? Even have to ask, who is not authorized by such an obvious place we welcome the commercial form of this what?

Disturbing the peace, in my view the reason why much cover the entire ad space potential is the main reason - commercially driven. Is a multi-business corruption, the proceeds form the chain.

More physical and chemical processes for each of us began to act on the heart or a change in values is a test of our lack of universal ethical bottom line. Lured in materialized, people change not only stimulated by the material itself, more advertising is also subject to establish a nurturing atmosphere of physical and chemical culture, overwhelming Rolex, BMW, the villa's clear to keep the image of ad the material's many advantages. In the human heart the desire to be lit, the moral and ethical weight will disappear.

In recent years, the capital market has been a strong promoter of the advertising market, for as long as the capitalists have the opportunity to be able to sell products to hundreds of millions of Chinese people will lead to an industry stir-fried. Focus listing more of the inspired more people to join the media industry, it is also rapidly rising stock market has given us life more bothered.

I believe that China lives of city people will not let go of disco, market forces will eventually be effective to prevent further deterioration of the situation. As people return to peaceful life in pursuit of a number of international standards by the district administration has already begun to prevent the entry of advertising, which is keen appreciation of the Chinese people, the house should stand as a thrust. More and more owners have started addressing this situation, and from the quiet day long?

Not also the quiet surroundings, will have one day to protest the near future, noise and light pollution will be unbearable.

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