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JSP and contentType attributes of pageEncoding

On the JSP page contentType pageEncoding and the difference between two properties:

pageEncoding jsp file itself is encoded

contentType the charset is when the server sends the content to the client code

JSP to go through two "codes", the first phase will use pageEncoding, the second phase will use utf-8 to utf-8, the third stage is from the Tomcat out of the pages, use the contentType.

The first stage is the jsp compiled. Java, it will be set according to pageEncoding read jsp, the result is translated by the specified encoding scheme into a single UTF-8 JAVA source (ie. Java), if pageEncoding set wrong or not set, out of that Chinese garbage.

In the second phase JAVAC the JAVA source to compile java byteCode, regardless of when the JSP write what encoding scheme used, the results of this stage and all the encoding is UTF-8 in the java source.

JAVAC with the encoding UTF-8 reading java source code, compiled into UTF-8 encoding of binary code (ie. Class), this is the JVM of the constant string in the binary code (java encoding) expression within the norms.

The third stage is the Tomcat (or the application container) loading and execution phases II to the JAVA binary code, the output, that is, the client can see, this time hidden in the phase I and phase II parameter contentType played an effect on

contentType setting.

pageEncoding and the contentType the default is ISO8859-1. and casually set one, the other would follow as a (TOMCAT4.1.27 so). but this is not absolute, depending on their JSPC approach. The pageEncoding does not mean contentType, better text CJKV Asia Department of JSP page development and display, (eg pageEncoding = GB2312 does not mean contentType = utf-8).

jsp files like. java,. java being read into the compiler when the default is set by the operating system corresponding to the locale encoding, such as mainland China is GBK, Taiwan is BIG5 or MS950. We are both in general and in ue in Notepad to write code, specially if there is no transcoding, then write out the contents of all the local encoding format. Therefore, the compiler approach virtual machine can just get the correct information.

Jsp file is not the case, however, it does not the default transcoding process, but specifies pageEncoding transcoding can be achieved right up.

For example:

Metropolitan print out garbled because the input "Hello" is gbk, but the server is properly captured, "Hello" is not known.

However, if the change

This server will be caught right "hello" the.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

29: notebook average selling price fell below one thousand U.S. dollars

United States

The New York Times: Laptop thousand dollars below the average selling price this year is expected to usher in the explosive growth of sales

In the electronic world, the gradual decline in prices can not be avoided, but in today's personal computer market, the price is simply the speed of decline can be "earthshaking" to describe. According to Current Analysis market research agencies to provide statistical data, the time so far this year, the average selling price of laptops has declined 18.5%, while the vast majority of notebook product prices even lower than 1000 U.S. dollars.

At the same time, the price of desktop computers is also a significant diving experience. "We may even see the PC market, the price of a more severe decline." Gartner analyst. In fact, the current personal computers is going through "replacement", which also means big companies have more potential users, according to statistics on the market today 70% of computers used in the previous two years older models, so users large-scale hardware update also led to fierce competition from manufacturers, and ultimately led to the rapid price dive.

According to statistics, the global average selling price of laptops down to 963 U.S. dollars, down 18.5% over the same period last year. Interestingly, Current Analysis analyst pointed out that "When an electronic product price below 1000 U.S. dollars mark for the time, is also a time when sales began soaring." According to statistics, the first five months of this year than last year notebook sales up 37% over the same period, of which 60% of sales last month, the average price of less than one thousand U.S. dollars. Of course, given the decline in the selling price, notebook product revenue growth in the first five months was only 15.5%. Desktop market conditions more severe, the first five months of this year sales growth rate of desktop computers 14.8%, while revenue has declined four percentage points instead, learned more than half of desktop computers sell for less than five 100 U.S. dollars.

AP: Bulgaria Europe's biggest Internet piracy case outbreak, plans to join the EU next year, hampered

Bulgarian police have announced that two men on suspicion of illegal music and movie products, and summoned the police, this is so far the largest-ever Europe-wide network of piracy cases. The police arrested two men for the organization's administrators and system monitoring staff, they provide the number of illegal music as much as 20 million, covering almost three million music albums, at the same time there are tens of thousands of films, the site is named, is the highest click rate in Bulgaria is one of the sites.

It is learned through the payment of 2.5 U.S. dollars per month, any user can freely on their web site to download music and movie resources. It is estimated that their behavior for the entertainment industry has brought a total of 30 million U.S. dollars in losses. At the same time, the police search process, also the home of criminals found three satellite receiving equipment and 200 pirated movie CD. According to Sofia, Bulgaria, the local investigation agency said: "This is the largest ever Europe-wide network of piracy cases." It is reported that, starting from the sixth week, the website will be officially closed. In fact, Bulgaria's domestic digital content piracy is rampant, and this is impeding the smooth accession to the EU of Bulgaria an important factor in the organization. Currently, the EU has already issued a warning to Bulgaria, if they can not effectively restrain the local piracy industry, plans to join the EU next year will be very difficult.

The Washington Post: Microsoft released the latest hardware drivers diagnostic tool, helping manufacturers to avoid driving loophole

At a recent Windows Hardware Engineering Conference WinHEC, Microsoft announced two new drives write software tool designed to help hardware manufacturers "stability, security," the Windows driver, so as to avoid hardware incompatibility phenomenon. It is reported that these two tools named "PreFast for Drivers" and Static Driver Verifier, are source code analysis tools to help people find driver source code loopholes. "We want drivers to be more reliable and stable." Microsoft spokesman says. As we all know, Windows operating system requires additional hardware driver to make the normal operation, the driver problem will lead to the paralysis of the entire computer. Microsoft's latest release through two diagnostic tools, "the user's computer will no longer be troubled by nasty security holes." It is reported that these two tools will support Vista and XP, and after 2000 all Windows operating systems. Static Driver Verifier will be responsible for diagnosis of kernel-mode drivers, while the Static Driver Verifier is responsible for diagnosis of other device drivers.


Reuters: nano-materials technology becoming more perfect, invisible cloak technology is expected to put into practice

Perhaps this scene can only appear in science fiction movies: hero wearing a stealth cloak, and instantly escape the enemy surrounded. With the tireless efforts of scientists, however, may be invisible cloak is no longer just a product of fantasy. It is understood that the surface material to a special technology, light and other electromagnetic waves will be bent and cut to bypass this particular system, which appears invisible, results.

Scientists said that with the current nano-technology, the production of this special material will not be impossible. Imperial College and the United States, researchers at Duke University in a complex of research, the possibility that the invisible cloak. Duke University, Professor Smith said: "The person wearing a cape like stealth in space, dug a hole, Any Light and electromagnetic waves directly through the hole, and thus will not see the cloak to hide the material." Practical on the principles of stealth cloak will not only be applied to the "stealth", with its help, any electromagnetic signal can bypass the interference and more effective barrier, thereby maintaining signal integrity. On the other hand, Mr. Smith said: "In fact stealth cloak technical feasibility, as early as 50 years ago has been proved by mathematicians, but now developed the possibility of nano-materials technology is expected to be put into practice." Learned U.S. Department of Defense is sponsoring the study conducted at Duke University. Study: consumers still do not understand high definition television service

High-definition TV market has attracted major players in almost all electrical appliances manufacturers, but for consumers, they seem not ready for this new thing. According to statistics, one in five users said "do not know why change for the high-definition TV products." And up to 50% of users said they did not even know that high definition television set-top box products require an additional two-thirds of users do not have realized that viewing high-definition television means that every month to pay a certain amount of rental fee.

Analysts said the main reason for confusion caused by the user is "high definition television" and "high-definition television program," the concept of confusion, to buy high-definition television products, users may not watching high-definition TV content, and watch high-definition television Content you have to buy high-definition television. "Users now very confused, first of all they need to buy the product, followed by the need to pay extra content." Analyst says, "Although there are many high-definition content is free areas, such as the upcoming World Cup, however, Users still have to pay 拢 10 a month monthly fee. "According to analysts predicted that if the user wishes to transition to high definition television, the first year, the average spending up to 拢 1,900.


AFP: Two New York men who tried to extort 150,000 U.S. dollars MySpace website in jail

Recently, two New York youths were arrested by the court on charges of "suspicion of extortion social networking site MySpace 15 million. It is reported that two youths were 18 and 19 years of age, before they call the MySpace, the site claims to find loopholes and asked for 150,000 U.S. dollars in hush money, otherwise the site will use the vulnerability of theft of personal user information.

After that, the police involved in the investigations. Interestingly, the police pretend that MySpace site last week, staff, and the two men meet around the coffee shop, and ultimately the implementation of the arrest. In fact, earlier this year, MySpace site has also been a burst of loopholes, but the company timely remedial action to avoid trouble from occurring. According to the police, the two men are programmers crime, they established a company called site, it is learned that the site offers a tool called SpyFuse can be used to invade MySpace.

So far, News Corp's MySpace has refused to comment on the incident, only that will work closely with the police. According to statistics on the MySpace social networking site users has reached 70 million total as much.



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Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Cockroaches door", HP will lose?

've Been looking for this year's 3? 15 show exactly what will be exposed. There is no novelty, no expectations, just wanted to see our lives and what appeared worthy of our attention and to avoid damage.

This year's 3.15 nights, first LCD TV's main component count let me know the fact that the word paper games, not just our company's good, because we see many Japanese Korean system manufacturers know how to justify themselves. Daoshi good news is, we made the TV manufacturers to a handful of people proud.

Of course, more concerned about the quality or HP. The earlier the Internet has provoked much discussion, also see a lot of related presentations. But see Hewlett-Packard at the party's interpretation of the relevant staff, I could not help smiling.

"Cockroaches door", and John who is powerful. Dignified HP ah, can not find a better reason is it?

HP Customer Experience Management Commissioner Yuan Ming in an interview, the reasons for the failure of the HP notebook and made its own interpretation of: Chinese student dormitories terrorist cockroaches too. Really horrible, and John were the ages of famous again.

Time and time again, journalists in HP's customer support center so that we can see that the relevant personnel forward vigorously. "HP laptop does not have any quality problems." Yuan Ming commissioner even said HP's consumer notebook notebook failure and the use of the environment of the College Students Donate Sperm. "None of us can not be resolved, is the student hostels cockroaches, it is very terrible." Terrorist, really horrible, which is HP's attitude?

As we all know, China has grown into the world of many of the first consumer. HP is the world's largest PC manufacturers and brands. But in the face of customer complaints when the HP brand reputation do not know gone? HP pledge gone?

Just this exposure, do not know what HP will lose? At least the brand reputation in the Chinese market will be greatly reduced. This is how many ads are difficult to recover losses. When a company loses the people's time, then the company's growth will continue? Will be recognized and sought after consumer do? Consumers would be willing to trust this brand? HP do not know that people who may be the world it?

Product problems are not terrible, terrible is shirking and shirking its responsibilities, the responsibilities they should be forgotten. Well, ignoring the user, but also inevitably been cast aside and abandoned customers. Water the boat can also overturn it.

Prior to that, notebooks for some problems, Hewlett-Packard in November 2007 issued a "limited warranty service enhancement program" in February 2008 the scheme has been extended. The plan promises to provide users with product standards from the beginning effective date of warranty of 24 months warranty. This is HP's attitude.

Many users in the main components of the maintenance period to three packs of two or more, HP Care Pack Services only to repair, refused to replace the new machine. March 15, the face of the Chinese consumer complaints to its notebook computers, HP has finally taken action once again, declared the affected customers extended warranty services, and to consider the board has paid for the mailing and maintenance costs of the user pay subsidies.

For this approach, CCTV reported that the number is still repairing faults, is in accordance with the provisions for the user to replace three bags of new machines, HP does not do any indication, the other main components of the model HP notebook after maintenance and replacement within the warranty period after, or in accordance with the provisions of the Hewlett-Packard, the warranty period is only three months.

As the world's largest PC maker, a long-term cultivation in the Chinese market, multinational corporations, a good PC company in the world's fourth-largest PC market, so the face of consumer complaints and questions, HP does make the crisis public relations people can not compliment. The neglect of this market, and ultimately will make Hewlett-Packard from the bag.

If the HP people lose trust in the brand, then HP will be a huge loss of potential infinite market, HP's consolidation of the world's first PC also increased sharply the pressure on the throne. When Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HP, mistakes are eyeing the time, HP just to the competitors a chance. HP, this will be how to survive?

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JMP statistical quality training to build high-end beats China

United States appears to have the severity of the financial crisis to be added, following the Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers have collapsed after the two financial giants, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler Big Three auto makers also verge of bankruptcy. Financial crisis has begun to areas around the world plunged the spread of the real economy, some examples of small businesses have to stop production or close down one after another instance of strong corporate belt tightening, in order for winter, some enterprises began to focus on long-term intensive repair internal strength, recharge your batteries, and strive to improve the situation, when the opportunity at first to be able to bang, grab opportunities.

As the world's leading quality management and Six Sigma statistical discovery software brand, JMP in the global process optimization, quality improvement, research and development areas to enhance the successful experience of 20 years is becoming to help companies save costs and enhance the quality of a powerful weapon. JMP is the world's largest and most leading SAS statistical software, the professional group of Six Sigma statistical discovery software, officially landed in China since 2006 has been just two years, has been more and more professional quality of domestic enterprises, R & D persons recognition and application of Sany Heavy Industry, Maanshan Iron and Steel and other leading companies have chosen to JMP is a good example. However, JMP domestic enterprises in China, it is not pure software. "We have the core competencies, quality improvement is the JMP Zai world for 20 years of successful experience", JMP Ren Shi Zeng said the Chinese Ou-related, "Our thing is to be keen to the successes of such experience and solutions can Zhuan Hua Cheng Zhen Zheng domestic enterprises to help professional training and statistical quality improvement methods to help companies improve quality levels, while reducing costs. "

Under the guidance of this idea, JMP China was established from the beginning of 2006, started for the Chinese enterprises to improve the quality of statistical practice, research and development of targeted quality improvement training, and in October 2008, JMP China anniversary the occasion of the official release in the domestic-oriented semiconductor, financial, medical, automotive, steel and other key industry solutions.

With JMP deep global precipitation, at the right time to provide professional software for domestic enterprises to outside, JMP China launched a series of professional training can be described as statistical quality improvement methods to navigate. Currently, JMP China Statistical Quality Improvement of professional training has covered all aspects of enterprise quality management. The R & D staff introduced experimental design (DOE) methods training courses soon cover the part of the factorial design, full factorial design, Taguchi design, general experimental design, but also includes expansion of design, space-filling design, custom design, more advanced, more flexible experimental design methodology. In addition, JMP statistical quality in China's professional training of experts is committed to developing quality management professionals in statistical applications, comprehensive teaching of statistical quality methods, professional. In addition, Measurement System Analysis (MSA), Statistical Process Control (SPC) and other unique programs.

JMP specializes in customer demand for customized courses unique content, through in-depth analysis of various industries to improve the quality of the unique needs of statistical applications, helping customers to develop more training programs. For example, JMP China and the complex core semiconductor microelectronics and other professional training institutions, introduced for semiconductors, integrated circuits, electronics, microelectronics industry, Session training, from Panasonic, Sandisk, China Resources Enterprise has become the training of engineers students and supporters. Will be launched after the medical, chemical, machinery and other industries Session training. In addition, JMP arrange themselves with the Chinese Association for Quality Six Sigma to promote the work of the National Expert Committee members qualified as the program speaker, senior consultant, is also widely recognized its course one of the important reasons.

Statistical method was the first Japanese companies to control and improve product and process quality, was later Motorola, General Electric, Toyota and other companies flourish. The application of statistical methods, quantitative analysis can help companies rise to the quality or process cause of the problem, through the analysis of these reasons, enterprises can effectively initiate and implement quality improvement programs. The higher level of quality often means lower rework rates, faster capital turnover rate, less inventory, shorter development cycles, less waste, which will be significant cost savings for enterprises. Today the financial crisis raging, these methods are particularly important.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Comparison of six agent approach

Traditional proxy, transparent proxy, plug-gw, Apache reverse proxy, IP masquerading, port forwarding comparison of six methods

The first part features a variety of proxy and packet rewriting the way the process

Squid proxy and transparent proxy tradition:

In Linux, the most widely used traditional proxy and transparent proxy is Squid. Default Squid configuration into the traditional agency approach. In this way, windows in the browser client to set the proxy server address and port number, the client actually very little work to be done. Only need to specify the proxy server IP address and port number can be, the other left to do all that to the proxy server. In this way a striking feature is the windows client browsing the Web, when entering a URL, DNS is also done by the proxy server. DNS resolution process is based on Linux server set up / etc / host.conf file parsing order of.
General of the order is to first find the / etc / hosts, then looking for DNS database bind. In this case, the interesting example is that if you set up a site for your internal network domain in a server, you first go to access the internal network server. If you set then your browser can not access the internet to a yahoo site.
However, if you set the transparent proxy, then the resolution of the DNS and then the order will become windowshosts Linux, DNS database. No longer possible to check the Linux server / etc / hosts file.
Introduction of transparent proxy, see the article meets in another article "How to set the transparent proxy in Linux"

Traditional proxy and transparent proxy package rewriting process: see below

[PC] A [Linux squid server] B
__192.168.11.12_ |_____ | ___1.2.3.4_________Internet

A machine in the user's browser to set the proxy to, port number is 3128, through the B line.
If the access, in fact if you set a proxy if the client browser only and Linux Squid server and the Internet to communicate and never talk on the server, first of all by the squid proxy server parse (find / etc / host.conf in the resolution order, first / etc / hosts then DNS lookup)
For the IP address, the last by the proxy server instead of client IP address of the HTTP access, restore the information back to the squid cache in the first cache, and a copy to the client. Next time if the user or other users to access the same page, you can call from the squid cache to save time.
Transparent proxy process and the traditional agency similar to the difference between
1. DNS resolution process is different, as already mentioned
2. Transparent proxy gateway must be set to squid proxy server IP address, but the traditional agents do not need.
3. Transparent proxy need to set fire chain of input rules, and the rest of squid the same way as traditional agents.

plug-gw is brought FWTK in general agent. Available to agents such as POP3, HTTP and other application layer services.

[PC] A [Linux POP3] C [Linux plug-gw] B
__192.168.11.12_ |______| | ___1.2.3.4__Internet

If there is a segment within the Linux POP3 server C (, want external users to receive e-mail can be set in the machine B, the POP3 proxy plug-gw as follows:

Put the following line to / etc / rc.d / rc.local
/ Usr / local / etc / plug-gw-daemon plug-gw-pop3 & file / usr / local / etc / netperm-table has the following line
plug-gw-pop3: port 110 backup bin conf config data eshow_sitemap.html log maint sitemap.html svn tmp-plug-to 110

The user to set the POP3 server outlook express address of When the received message, the external interface of the B machine, the port 110 in to accept user requests, subsequently plug-gw treatment, in-house segment, from 110 port on request. To the data collected by the interface, copy to external users.

Apache reverse proxy.
Packet rewriting process and similar plug-gw

Note: The above stated three cases, the request process is in two separate in the middle usually squid proxy server or plug-gw, Apache server, data server, two network cards in the middle of the action to do copies, but the process of the two requests The source address is randomly assigned to high-end addresses are different. In 1024 and 65535. But in general, TCP / IP address assigned most of the random-end 1024 - 5000 allocation. For example: For the plug-gw is:
If an external dial-up user's IP address is If the address and port as follows:
Source address and port number and destination address and port are: 1038 110
Request to be plug-gw rewritten as: 1045 110

Reply by data is copied to the external customers.

But not all cases, the address of the source are randomly assigned to high-end 1024 - 5000. IP masquerading is the exception:

IP masquerading:

[PC] A [Linux MASQ server] B
__192.168.11.12_ |_____ | ___1.2.3.4_________Internet

Shown above, PC A through B camouflage Internet. To access, when the package is disguised rewrite process is as follows:

Source address / port number and destination address / port number: 1047 80
Disguised the source after the address and port number and destination address / port number: 62334 80

Anti-back package for the 80 - 62334
Longer be re-written to PC A as: 80 - 1047

In general, IP source address is usually disguised> 60000, and in the 61000 - 64999 between.
The firewall maintains an IP masquerading comparison table. With the command / sbin / ipchains-M-L-n can be seen as:
[Root @ proxy etc] # / sbin / ipchains-M-L-n
IP masquerading entries
prot expire source destination ports
UDP 02:18.86 1215 (62615) -> 4000
TCP 17:03.20 1049 (62584) -> 80

Column from the ports you can control the source address of the match twice.

Port forwarding (port forwarding):
See the article meets in another article, "Using port forwarding to internal network to provide network services of external"

The second part of the way the various agents and the advantages and disadvantages of the application

The role of the various proxy methods:
1. IP masquerading, Squid proxy and transparent proxy for the traditional make no real IP address of LAN users to access Internet.
2. Apache reverse proxy, plug-gw general proxy, port forwarding for external users to access the LAN without real IP address of the server.

Advantages and disadvantages of various proxy methods:
1. Squid has the advantage of client requirements Henshao, as long as Liantong squid server. But the need for each machine are set to the proxy server IP address and port number
2. Squid transparent proxy does not need the advantages of each client are set proxy address and port and simplify client configuration. But the need for each client's default gateway are set to squid proxy server, and require the client to do DNS resolution
3. IP masquerading may be suitable for most application-layer services, unlike the squid only supports http and ftp. But customers also need to set the default gateway address of the firewall. And do not like squid with cache functionality
4. Plug-gw proxy the servers can be as HTTP, POP3, etc.. But the Apache reverse proxy can only reverse proxy http requests
5. Port forwarding for most services. Nothing to do with the specific application. And fast implementation in the kernel IP layer, application layer without requiring special services running. But may need to recompile the kernel.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Advertising is losing confidence!

Jason Jiang and other media have begun to build the living area so that we become unable to breathe, the advertising industry's rapid growth defects are gradually revealed, to prevent the disco of the city is desperately needed.

Bus, apartment elevators, restaurants, and restaurants can be placed almost toilet dynamic and static screen display space has started intrusive advertising, is accelerating the process of commercialization of our growing impetuous attitude. In the early advertisement where we start doing it with freshness, a long time, we started as far as possible away from it. Why would someone spend money to install something so annoying? Why do these businesses will spend money on their products will only make people hate advertising? Even have to ask, who is not authorized by such an obvious place we welcome the commercial form of this what?

Disturbing the peace, in my view the reason why much cover the entire ad space potential is the main reason - commercially driven. Is a multi-business corruption, the proceeds form the chain.

More physical and chemical processes for each of us began to act on the heart or a change in values is a test of our lack of universal ethical bottom line. Lured in materialized, people change not only stimulated by the material itself, more advertising is also subject to establish a nurturing atmosphere of physical and chemical culture, overwhelming Rolex, BMW, the villa's clear to keep the image of ad the material's many advantages. In the human heart the desire to be lit, the moral and ethical weight will disappear.

In recent years, the capital market has been a strong promoter of the advertising market, for as long as the capitalists have the opportunity to be able to sell products to hundreds of millions of Chinese people will lead to an industry stir-fried. Focus listing more of the inspired more people to join the media industry, it is also rapidly rising stock market has given us life more bothered.

I believe that China lives of city people will not let go of disco, market forces will eventually be effective to prevent further deterioration of the situation. As people return to peaceful life in pursuit of a number of international standards by the district administration has already begun to prevent the entry of advertising, which is keen appreciation of the Chinese people, the house should stand as a thrust. More and more owners have started addressing this situation, and from the quiet day long?

Not also the quiet surroundings, will have one day to protest the near future, noise and light pollution will be unbearable.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Digital CD Sound VQF to MP2 Conversion

Digital CD Sound VQF to MP2 Conversion - Don't take our word for it,see for yourself. CD Ripping include full support of CDDB database, so your music files automatically are named like 'Artist - Track.mp3', instead of boring 'track01.mp3'! Digital CD Sound VQF to MP2 Conversion is a unique full support of id3v2 tags. Also, after ripping tracks, it automatically saves MP3-tags in output files and creates PLS or M3U playlists! Audio converter to convert MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, VQF and WAV from one format to another directly. Support remote free CDDB. Support audio CD auto-detection . Easy-to-use design. Support multiple CD-ROM drives. High speed ripping and conversion. CD ripper to rip CD to MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM directly,