Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Cockroaches door", HP will lose?

've Been looking for this year's 3? 15 show exactly what will be exposed. There is no novelty, no expectations, just wanted to see our lives and what appeared worthy of our attention and to avoid damage.

This year's 3.15 nights, first LCD TV's main component count let me know the fact that the word paper games, not just our company's good, because we see many Japanese Korean system manufacturers know how to justify themselves. Daoshi good news is, we made the TV manufacturers to a handful of people proud.

Of course, more concerned about the quality or HP. The earlier the Internet has provoked much discussion, also see a lot of related presentations. But see Hewlett-Packard at the party's interpretation of the relevant staff, I could not help smiling.

"Cockroaches door", and John who is powerful. Dignified HP ah, can not find a better reason is it?

HP Customer Experience Management Commissioner Yuan Ming in an interview, the reasons for the failure of the HP notebook and made its own interpretation of: Chinese student dormitories terrorist cockroaches too. Really horrible, and John were the ages of famous again.

Time and time again, journalists in HP's customer support center so that we can see that the relevant personnel forward vigorously. "HP laptop does not have any quality problems." Yuan Ming commissioner even said HP's consumer notebook notebook failure and the use of the environment of the College Students Donate Sperm. "None of us can not be resolved, is the student hostels cockroaches, it is very terrible." Terrorist, really horrible, which is HP's attitude?

As we all know, China has grown into the world of many of the first consumer. HP is the world's largest PC manufacturers and brands. But in the face of customer complaints when the HP brand reputation do not know gone? HP pledge gone?

Just this exposure, do not know what HP will lose? At least the brand reputation in the Chinese market will be greatly reduced. This is how many ads are difficult to recover losses. When a company loses the people's time, then the company's growth will continue? Will be recognized and sought after consumer do? Consumers would be willing to trust this brand? HP do not know that people who may be the world it?

Product problems are not terrible, terrible is shirking and shirking its responsibilities, the responsibilities they should be forgotten. Well, ignoring the user, but also inevitably been cast aside and abandoned customers. Water the boat can also overturn it.

Prior to that, notebooks for some problems, Hewlett-Packard in November 2007 issued a "limited warranty service enhancement program" in February 2008 the scheme has been extended. The plan promises to provide users with product standards from the beginning effective date of warranty of 24 months warranty. This is HP's attitude.

Many users in the main components of the maintenance period to three packs of two or more, HP Care Pack Services only to repair, refused to replace the new machine. March 15, the face of the Chinese consumer complaints to its notebook computers, HP has finally taken action once again, declared the affected customers extended warranty services, and to consider the board has paid for the mailing and maintenance costs of the user pay subsidies.

For this approach, CCTV reported that the number is still repairing faults, is in accordance with the provisions for the user to replace three bags of new machines, HP does not do any indication, the other main components of the model HP notebook after maintenance and replacement within the warranty period after, or in accordance with the provisions of the Hewlett-Packard, the warranty period is only three months.

As the world's largest PC maker, a long-term cultivation in the Chinese market, multinational corporations, a good PC company in the world's fourth-largest PC market, so the face of consumer complaints and questions, HP does make the crisis public relations people can not compliment. The neglect of this market, and ultimately will make Hewlett-Packard from the bag.

If the HP people lose trust in the brand, then HP will be a huge loss of potential infinite market, HP's consolidation of the world's first PC also increased sharply the pressure on the throne. When Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HP, mistakes are eyeing the time, HP just to the competitors a chance. HP, this will be how to survive?

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